Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Graduates from this program will be able:

  • To appropriately apply pharmaceutical knowledge and skills in the officinal practice
  • To identify the circuit of the pharmaceutical products
  • To prepare the various forms carried out with the dispensary: masterly and officinal preparations.
  • To provide health education and drug use to patients, families, and communities
  • To show a positive attitude and respect for people regardless of economic status, customs, and beliefs
  • To work competently as a team with other health professionals within the appropriate structures, policies, and codes of conduct of the Ministry of Health
  • To conduct related pharmaceutical research in order to improve the quality of the drug or

      drug use

  • To apply BPF, and ISO, for drug qualification and validation.
  • To identify the biological read-out circuits and concept of quality assurance: phase look ahead, analytical phase, and post-analytical phase.