Clinical requirements for DDS program

Clinical requirements for DDS program

NoSkill PerformancesY3Y4Y5Y6Y7#  Requirement
1Scaling and Polishingx30
2Fluoride applicationx15
3Class I restorationsx20
4Class II restorationsx20
5Class III restorationsx20
6Class IV restorationsx20
7Class V restorationsx20
8Filling with GIC fissure sealantx20
9Filling with resin fissure sealantx20
10ART restorationx20
11Endodontics on deciduous teethx10
12Endodontics with pulpectomy on permanent teeth in childrenx10
13Endodontics with pulpotomy on permanent teeth in childrenx10
14Extractions of deciduous teeth x20
15Extractions of permanent teeth in childrenx20
1Class I, II amalgam Fillingx20
2Class I, II, III, IV, V composite Fillingx20
3GIC Fillingx20
4Endodontic treatment in anterior toothxx6 / year
5Endodontic treatment in premolarxx6 / year
6Endodontic treatment in molarxx6 / year
9Pre and post-endodontic radiography and interpretationxx20 / year
IIIRadiology (Imagery)
1Dental crown radiographs (taken and Interpreted)x15
2Peri-dental radiographs (taken and Interpreted)x15
3Peri-apical radiographs (taken and Interpreted)x10
4Bite-wing radiographs (taken and Interpreted)x15
5Panoramic radiographs (taken and Interpreted)xx10 / year
6Occipital radiographs on patients (taken and Interpreted) xx10 / year
7Other incidence of radiographsxx5 / year
1Scaling and Polishing on patients (by hand)x20
2Scaling and Polishing on patients (by ultra-son)x20
3Curettage in interdental syndromexx5 / year
4Curettage in gingival pocketxx5 / year
5Root planning surgery on anterior teeth of maxillax2
6Root planning surgery on posterior teeth of maxillax2
7Root planning surgery on anterior teeth of mandiblex2
8Root planning surgery on posterior teeth of mandiblex2
1Taking impressions for studyxx5 / year
2Adam clasps  x5
3Finger springsx5
4Canine retractorx5
5Z springsx5
6Labial bowsx5
7Buccal retractionsx5
8Plaque of basex5
9Fixing bracketsx3
10Easy case on patientx2
11Complicated case on patientsx2
12Surgery for orthodontic casex
1Full denturex6
2Partial denturex6
3Building a pivot teeth6
4Building resine crownsx6
5Building ceramic crownsx6
6Building resine bridgesxx5 / year
7Building ceramic bridgesxx5 / year
9Surgery on the alveolar bone for prosthodonticsx3
1Simple case of dental extractionsxx30 / year
2Complicated case of dental extractionsxx30 / year
3Surgical removal of impacted teethxx6 / year
4Surgical removal of cystsxx6 / year
5Surgical removal of stone from salivary gland ductsx2
6Surgical removal of pathological tissue for biopsyx2
7cleft palate surgeryx
VIIICommunity practice
1Community practicexx30 cases/ year