Diploma in MD (Postgraduates)

Diploma in MD (Postgraduates)


Course Objective

To prepare the Medical Student with appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitude for successful practice in general medicine, in line with the identified strategies of the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Learning Outcomes

The Medical Doctor Program requires at least 8 years. The students have to start from Foundation Year as reparation year / first year and have to pass the National Entrance Exam before continuing another five years for their Bachelor Degree in Medical Doctor or Family Doctor or General Practitioner.

The stream course is organized as followed:

-Under Graduate Program

  • Foundation year – Certificate of foundation Year – 1 year of study.  

Student is required to successfully pass the National Entrance Exam before allowing to start the 1st cycle program

  • 1st Cycle – Certificate of Basic Health Sciences – 2 years of study.
  • 2nd Cycle – Bachelor or Medical Sciences – 3 years of study.

-Postgraduate (3rd Cycle) – 2year of study

  • They will receive University Diploma in General Medicine after presenting their THESIS and pass successfully the University Graduation Exam (THESIS could be presented before or after the University Graduation Exam)
  • University Graduates are required to pass the National Exit Exam to receive Diploma in MD

Course Requirements

  • The students can leave with school permission for 15% of semester hours or 10% on leave without school permission, but they are not allowed to leave the whole single credit hours (theory and practice hours)
  • The students can leave only 15% of semester hours with or without school permission.
  • They have to attend at least 85% or 90% and fulfill at least 70% of semester clinical requirements before allowing sitting the exam of related semester. The remaining 30% of clinical requirements will be completed during their internship or upon the arrangement of the University.
  • If attendance is within 50-84% of semester hours or 50-89% or fulfilling of clinical requirement is within 50-69%, they are allowed only to sit the 2nd session exam at the end of the scholar year.
  • If attendance is less than 50% of semester hours or fulfilling of clinical requirements is less than 50%, they have to repeat  class.

Admission Requirements

In principle, the applicant shall fulfill the following criteria:

  • Males/females aged 18- 22 years (Based on  requirement of Government Employment Status and apply for Public training institution that provides scholarships to students and if graduates from private training institution are willing to apply for MoH Employment)
  • Have High School Diploma.
  • Have a Certificate of the Foundation Year Program.
  • Be passed successfully the National Entrance Exam.
  • Be in a good health.


The number of intakes to the MD Program is limited based on MoH health work……………………projection and capacity of production of each training institution.

Validity and transfer of credits

  • Students could fulfill their MD credits not more than 12 Years period.
  • Students must fulfill credits of the basic health sciences program (1st cycle) before transferring to another University based on an agreement set by both sides.

Medical Doctor Program Total Credits Hour

YearTheory (T)Class PracticePractice (P)Field study internship (*)Total by Year
I (FY)3450315    35518
II4464252    44694
III4162086    46706
IV314836016240  51783
V39591 16240  55831
VI34523 16240  50763
VII8123 30450  38573
VIII8123 30450  38573


. MD Program Total Credit = 377 (Include Foundation Year and * Credit)

. MD Program Total Hours = 7,241 hours (Include Foundation Year and* Credit)

. Theory = 3,608Hr = 50%

. Practice = 3,633Hr = 50% (Include Class Room Practice)

. 1* Credit of Internship = 90 Hours

. 1 Credit Practice = 45 Hours

Clinical requirements for MD Student

Course Structure & Organization of Medical Doctor Programmer


. MD Program Total Credit = 377 (Include Foundation Year and * Credit)

. MD Program Total Hours = 7,241 hours (Include Foundation Year and* Credit)

. Theory = 3,608Hr = 50%

. Practice = 3,633Hr = 50% (Include Class Room Practice)