Course Objective and Learning Outcomes

Course Objective and Learning Outcomes

To prepare midwifery students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable them to function effectively as a midwife in contributing to decrease maternal and perinatal mortality and morbidity in Cambodia.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates from this program will:

  • Apply the knowledge of policies and procedural guidelines that have legal implications for practice.
  • Apply the midwifery process with emphasis on critical thinking, therapeutic midwifery inventions, and effective interpersonal communication skills as they relate to success in the midwifery profession
  • Apply ethical, legal, economic and political concepts, showing a positive attitude and respect for people regardless of economic status, customs, and beliefs
  • Demonstrate ability to coordinate comprehensive and high-quality care to patients, families, and communities in line with the standards of midwifery practice for safe motherhood
  • Use the primary health care approach to help meet basic health needs in the community through participation by the community
  • Be responsible for continuing personal and professional development with an awareness of changing health trends
  • Demonstrate ability to assume leadership and consultative role within the health provider
  • Participate in community activities that contribute to the improvement of reproductive health status.