Course Objective and Learning outcomes

Course Objective and Learning outcomes

Course objective

To prepare Nurse Student with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes that related to critical
thinking therapeutic nursing interventions, and communication skills in promoting quality of life for
persons with complex health needs.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates from this program will be able to:
• Apply the nursing process with emphasis on critical thinking, therapeutic nursing inventions, and
effective interpersonal communication skills as they relate to success in the nursing profession
• Integrate knowledge from nursing theory and public health sciences in assessing the healthcare
needs of aggregates, communities, and society.
• Apply of ethical, legal, economic, and political concepts, showing a positive attitude and respect
for people regardless of economic status, customs, and beliefs.
• Apply leadership theories and management skills that are needed for professional nurses as well as
societal trends for decision-making in health care.
• Apply the gerontology nursing principles and issues related to aging and its impact on society.
• Be responsible for continuing personal and professional development with an awareness of
changing health trends.
• Consult with other health professionals when nursing practice/care requires additional
• Implement the research role of the nurse in decision-making in clinical practice
• Apply a teamwork approach.