Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine

The faculty of Medicine of the Health Science Institute of RCAF offers 8 years of medical training, including theoretical studies as well as internships in hospitals throughout the country and more places abroad.


The Faculty of Medicine aims to train human resources to have competent health professionals and the right ethics to maintain the virtues of the health sector. The faculty also hopes to promote the well-being of the army and the citizens.


The faculty hopes to strengthen the education, research, and real-life practice of the profession in order to create human resources that have the ability to prevent, and provide high-quality health care in the country. We hope to continue to contribute to the continuous development of the health sector in and outside of the country.


Training and expanding medical resources to contribute to the great disease prevention and high-quality treatment in the hope to improve the health sector.


Applicants must have a high school diploma or the equivalent and these documents must be recognized by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport. Most often, these documents will be given to applicants who have taken and passed the national exam.
The number of candidates that will be selected for undergraduate studies shall be determined by the National Committee.


The faculty of Medicine, Institute of Health Sciences of RCAF adheres to the following guiding principles:

At all times, always strive to perform the task to the best of our ability and value the continuing excellent and high-quality education. Show accountability, transparency, and professionalism in accordance with the hierarchical responsibilities


Respect each other in different hierarchical positions and encourages creativity, work results, and collaborations.