Clinical requirements for ADN Students

Clinical requirements for ADN Students

 Nursing ProceduresS2S3S4S5#Requirement
NoFundamental nursing Ⅰ,Ⅱ    ObserverPerform
1Sterile glovingX    10
2Measuring body temperatureX    20
3Assessing radial pulseX    20
4Assessing respirationsX    20
5Assessing arterial blood pressureX    20
6Risk assessment, skin assessment, and prevention strategies of pressure ulcerX    5
7Administering intra dermal injections X   10
8Administering subcutaneous injections X   10
9Administering intramuscular injections X   20
10Initiating intravenous therapy X   20
11Initiating Blood therapy   X5 
12Monitoring for adverse reactions to transfusion   X 5
13Applying a wet to dry dressing  X  10
14Preparing the client for surgery  X 5 
15Performing postoperative care of the surgical client  X 5 
NoAdult nursing methodology Ⅰ,Ⅱ,&Ⅲ      
1Care of the client in skeletal traction and pin site care   X5 
2Performing oro pharyngeal suctioning  X  5
3Applying nasal cannula or oxygen mask  X  10
4Caring for clients with chest tube connected to disposal drainage system   X 5
5Intubating the client with a naso gastric feeding tube  X  5
6Inserting a indwelling catheter  X  10
7Performing wound suture   X 5
8Performing suture removal  X  10
9Performing Abscess incision   X5