Course Requirements and Admission

Course Requirements and Admission

  • The students can leave with school permission for 15% of semester hours or 10% on leave without school permission, but they are not allowed to leave the whole single credit hours (theory and practice hours)
  • The students can leave only 15% of semester hours with or without school permission
  • They have to attend at least 85% or 90% and fulfill at least 70% of semester clinical requirements before allowing sitting the exam of related semester. The remain 30% of clinical requirements will be completed during their internship or upon arrangement of the school
  • If attendance is within 50-84% of semester hours or 50-89% or fulfilling of clinical requirement is within 50-69%, they are allowed only to sit the 2nd session exam at the end of the scholar year
  • If attendance is less than 50% of semester hours or fulfilling of clinical requirement is less than 50%, they have to repeat class.

Admission Requirements

In principle, applicant shall fulfill the following criteria:

  • Males/ females aged 18-23 years (Apply for Public training institution that provide scholarship to students and if graduates from private training institution are willing to apply for MoH Emplyment)
  • Have High School Diploma
  • Be passed successfully the National Entry Exam
  • Be in a good health


       Number of intakes to the ADN Program is limited based on MoH health workforce projection and capacity of production of each training institution.