Course assessment

Course assessment

The Four-year BSN Course shall be assessed on a basis of continuous assessment. Students will be
informed on assessment schedule, assessment process and conditions for successful completion credits
of each semester at the commencement of the course. Students will not be graduated unless they pass
successfully the school graduation exam by completing all credits (theory and clinical practice)
including Memoir. They receive Certificate of Graduation issued by Training Institution. Graduates are
required to pass the National Exit Exam in order to receive their Diploma of Bachelor of Sciences in

Purpose of the course assessment

o To provide feedback to the student and the teacher as to how learning is progressing that assists
the students to determine their strengths and weaknesses (Formative assessment)
o To measure competence in both knowledge and skills of students at the end of the course
(Summative assessment)

Assessment process

1. Formative assessment

Theory Assessment

The Theory Assessment is the continuous assessment to be conducted during the course and occurred at
the end of each semester:
o Theory exam is credit-based assessment
o The BSN Course has 8 semesters (including 2 semesters of the Foundation Year Program) and
each semester consists of 6 months
o Theory assessment will be done at the end of every semester
o The students who failed any credit of the two semesters of each year are allowed to re-sit the
2nd session exam after one month of the 2nd semester exam result
o If still failed of the 2nd session exam of each year, they have to repeat the same class.

Clinical Performance Assessment

The clinical performance assessment will be conducted from the 2nd semester of the 2nd year based on
clinical requirements of each semester stipulated in the curriculum:
o Students shall have their Clinical Logbook for preceptor to monitoring, evaluating, and recording their
skill performance progress.
o Clinical instructors and Preceptors will use clinical checklists to evaluate the competences students
o Assessment during the internship is aimed to allow the students to complete remaining clinical requirement in which they could not fulfill in the previous semester and provide more opportunity to students for other skills performance practices.

2. Summative assessment or graduation exam

o It is the exam of theory and clinical performance at the end of the course
o Students have to complete clinical requirements and pass all theory credits before allowing sitting the first graduation exam. If requirements could not be completed, they have to sit the second graduate exam
o Students who do not pass the first graduation exam will be allowed to re-sit e second grading
exam two months after the first graduation exam (theory and/or clinical performance they failed
o Students have to present their Memoir after passing the graduation exam. If they fail to present
their Memoir, they will not receive the certificate of graduation
o The graduation exam will be conducted by the training institution under the supervision of relevant