Clinical Requirements

Clinical Requirements

N0Skill PerformanceY3Y4Y5Requirement
AIn Hospital   ObservePerform
1Supply of drugs, medical equipment and Materials in hospitalX    
2Drug management: Storage and partition of drugs, Entry slip, Issue slip, Stock cardX   5
3Study on medical prescription: Rational drug useX   5
BIn Analysis Laboratory    20
4Hematozoaires examination X  10
5Macroscopic analysis X  10
6Direct microscopic analysis X  10
7Microscopic analysis after coloration X  10
8Microscopic analysis after centrifugation X  5
9Culture of biological liquid X  5
10Coproculture X  5
11Hemoculture X  5
12Urine cyto-bacteriologic examination ECBU X  5
13Coloration of gram X  10
14Coloration of BK X  10
15Numeration, blood formula (NFS)    10
16VS X  10 
17TS-TC X  10 
B-4Hemogramme :      
18Hematocrit X  10 
19Numeration of red blood cells X  10 
20Numeration of white blood cells X  10 
21Blood Group X  10 
22VGM X  10 
23ALAT-ASAT X  10 
24GAMA GT X  10 
25Protidemia X  10 
26Bilirubinemia X  10 
27Cholesterolemia X  10 
28Triglyceridemia X  10 
29Glycemia X  10 
30Uremia X  10 
31Creatininemia X  10 
32Uricemia X  10 
33Calcemia X  10 
34Ionogramme X 5  
35Amylasemia X  10 
B-6Serology and Immunology      
36Serodiagnostic HIV X  10 
37Ag HBs X  10 
38Ac HBs X  10 
39Ac HCV X  10 
40Serodiagnostic Widal X  10 
41TP HA X  10 
42ELISA HIV X  10 
CIn Pharmaceutical Enterprise      
43Control in process in production  X 4 
44Batch document  X 4 
45Calibration of balance  X 4 
46Validation of assay procedure  X 4 
47Analysis of raw materials  X 10 
48Analysis of finished products  X 10 
49Establish free Sale Certificate (FSC=AMM) document  X 10 
DIn Pharmaceutical of Drug and food       
50Procedure of Drug registration  X5  
51Procedure of Drug order  X5  
EIn Central medical store (CMS)      
52Storage management: Storage and partition of drug, Medical equipment and materials, Entry slip, Issue slip, Stock card  x1  
FIn National Laboratory of Drug Quality Control      
53Drug analysis Technique  x 10 
GIn national Center of traditional medical research      
54Usages of medicinal plants: Herbier      
55Empiric formulars of traditional medicine      
HIn Camcontrol      
56Food Analysis Technique  x 3 
 Total56 cases